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Open Mind

The Open Mind Group was formed in 1995 by a network of service providers who wanted to increase public awareness about mental health. This includes the promotion of mental wellness, as well as information about issues that affect mental health and what community resources are available to help.

Increased public awareness about mental health has been accomplished through:

  • Creation of a community mental health information display available for use by any group or organization
  • open_mindDevelopment of and annual updating of the Wellington-Dufferin Mental Health Resources information pamphlet. It includes contact numbers related to alcohol and drug services, help lines, information centres, mental health services, family support/abuse services, self help/peer support groups, general community services, emergency accommodation/food and 24 hr. emergency services.
  • Special projects in partnership with other community groups related to mental health education initiatives
  • Coordination of the ‘OPEN MIND’ column that appears monthly in the Wellington Advertiser newspaper. The articles address a broad range of issues that have an impact on mental health.

Open Mind Articles


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