Recruitment Process


We screen all prospective volunteers thoroughly.

  1. All volunteers will be asked to provide an up-to-date Police Records Check; we will help you get the forms submitted as part of the screening process.
  2. All prospective volunteers must complete the online application forms including all reference information.  Please, take your time and complete these forms as thoroughly as possible. These forms are developed to help both you and the agency determine appropriate additions to the volunteer team. It is an opportunity for you and the program coordinator to explore interests and aptitudes related to the volunteer position.
  3. Once your application and references are received, they are reviewed by the program coordinator to determine suitability.  At this time an interview is scheduled if the candidate is suitable based on their application.
  4. After your interview, if both you and the program coordinator feel there is a good fit, you will be given the details of our scheduled volunteer training schedule.

TorchLight TC Volunteer 2016TorchLight DL Volunteer 2016


  1. Distress Line Volunteers complete 24-hours of in-class training, followed by 8-16 hours of mentoring on the lines with experienced volunteers. TeleCheck volunteers complete a 10-12 hour training program, followed by several mentoring shifts with experienced volunteers.
  2. Upon completion of our extensive training program, both the program coordinator and the individual will make a decision about whether the volunteer role is appropriate.  At the end of the in-class training, a further orientation session will be offered to the participants who express the desire to volunteer with the agency. We ask that the participants make a clear and thoughtful decision at this point in the process. A volunteer must be able to make the basic commitment to one year of service on the volunteer team, with a minimum of 4 hours per week on the phone lines.
  3. TorchLight’s policy states that we cannot provide references until the volunteer has completed his/her one-year shift commitment. After that time we will be happy to provide letters of recommendation whenever needed.

Become a Volunteer

Step 1: Review Information

All of our volunteer application forms are online. Before you complete the forms, please:

  • Familiarize yourself with the screening process and training details for potential volunteers
  • Please look at our upcoming training dates
  • Note: All volunteers with TorchLight are required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Record Check. There is no cost to the participant as we facilitate the procuring of the police checks for individuals. The Vulnerable Sector Checks are kept on file with TorchLight.

Step 2:  Fill out the Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application forms should be completed online here. After we receive your submission, and your completed reference check form we will proceed with our assessment of your suitability as a Volunteer with our services.

  Volunteer Application Form Reference Check New Board Member Application

Step 3: Telephone Interview

Telephone Interview:  Once your application has been received and you are deemed a qualified candidate, you will be contacted for a telephone interview at a time and day that is mutually convenient and at your preferred phone number.  The purpose of this interview is to get to know you better.  This can be a 15 to 20 minute conversation.

Step 4: Follow up

After your successful submission of each of the above online forms, you should receive a “thank you” email. If you do not receive this email, your submission has not been received. In this event, please email us.