Our guiding principles ensure that our core values are reflected in our services.

organizational beliefsAuthenticity: 

Our actions reflect our integrity and genuine desire to implement our core values in all our services.


organizational beliefsResponsiveness:

To identify the needs of the individual by being adaptive and flexible in our service while respecting the welfare of ourselves and others.


organizational beliefsInnovation:

We foster an environment of creativity and openness in which we continually assess the effectiveness of our approach.


organizational beliefsAccountability:

We understand the commitment we have to our community and we implement procedures that ensure we are reliable in our service and responsible in our actions.




At TorchLight, we believe that volunteers are the foundation of a strong community. TorchLight volunteers give the gift of their time and skills every day to help build a more resilient community.

TorchLight’s philosophy is to support its volunteers, staff, board of governance and all who access our services, through a framework of empowerment. Torchlight trusts that each individual has something to contribute and that they are an expert on their own life and needs. We foster an environment of self-care, adapted to accommodate the needs of all individuals within our mandate.

TorchLight encourages an atmosphere of personal growth and skills development in our volunteers. We offer thorough training, ongoing coaching and support to the volunteer team. TorchLight promotes volunteer growth by inviting team members to take initiative in their roles, and by providing leadership opportunities. Volunteers are able to be trained as mentors, to create and join leadership committees and implement their ideas for positive change.