On March 10, 2016, TorchLight Volunteers participated in the Annual YOUTH TALK Conference at the Centre Wellington Community SportPlex … and what a great day it was!
Our awesome team of volunteers presented an informative and eye-catching display for the high school students explaining our services including the Distress Lines; Youth Line; Emergency Shelter Resource Line, our Call-Out Program … and our newest service ONTX, where someone in distress is able to connect with compassionate support through text and online chat.
A big attraction at our display table was the ping-pong ball game where students would attempt to submerge all the balls marked with various ‘stressors’ in life … that would pop up again and again … just like in ‘real life’. Our skilled and dedicated volunteers offered the visiting students many coping mechanisms to put in place when such stressors popped up in their own lives. It proved to be a lot of fun … and a great way to learn how to keep those difficult times from overwhelming the students.

Great job TorchLight Volunteers! You are change-makers and an inspiration to many!


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